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Disperse dye

  Disperse dyes are mainly used in the dyeing and printing of polyester and its blended fabrics, and Disperse dyes are widely applied in the dyeing and printing of acetate fabrics. Some products of Disperse dyes can be acted as Pigments for polymer and printing ink industries.

  Normally, Disperse dyes are separated into three types: one is “E?type, also named low energy type, which are used for carrier dyeing and thermosol dyeing, the other is “S?type, also named high energy type, suitable for HT/HP dying (or exhausting dyeing ), the thirdly is “SE?type (medium energy type), they are suitable for all the dyeing methods.

  With the rapid development of synthetic fabrics recently, we have developed the following new products of Disperse dyes to meet the requirements:

• Disperse High wet fastness colors: with excellent dyeing properties and excellent wet fastness, mainly used for swimming coat, underwear etc.

• Disperse Transfer printing color: suitable for printing of polyester, triacetate etc, with well-defined appearances and unique style, no washing steps. It belongs to environmental printing process.

• Disperse Microfiber color: Outstanding compatibility and migration property, excellent dispersion stability, high building-up and leveling properties.

• Disperse Acetate color: particularly recommended for the dyeing and printing of acetate.

Disperse Yellow color | Disperse Orange color | Disperse Red color | Disperse Violet color | Disperse Blue color Disperse Brown and Black color | Disperse High wet fastness color | 

Disperse Transfer printing color |Disperse Microfiber Color | Disperse Acetate Color



Disperse dye

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